700E, 500E Mobile LED with Battery Operating Lamp

1. Energy saving and environment-friendly.
2. Long service life: LED life is up to 50000 hours.
3. It offers illuminance memory funcition and wide voltage working speciality.
4. Excellent daylight quality and CRI meet the illumination needs of the doctors.
5. Excellent cold light: Adopting LED cold light as light source, without temperature rising.
6. Excellent lighting effect: Unique optical system, homogenous light spot, high-definition.
7. Brightness Adjustment: Micro computer digital control, with 8 shifts luminance for selection.
8. Flexible and stable balance arm suspension system contents various requirement on height and angle.

Specifications (for model 700E)
Illuminance: 160,000Lux
Colour temperature: 3800±500K,4400±500K,5000±500K
Colour reduction index(Ra): 93
Illuminance depth: 1300mm
Total irradiance: 544W/m²
Size of light field:160~280mm
Service life of illuminant: 50,000h
Power supply voltage:AC110-240v,50/60Hz
Brightness adjustment: Automatic 8-stage continuous light adjustment
Lowest height of installation: 2900mm
Total power consumption: 80W
Total LED bulb quantity: 108 pcs (18*6)
Emergency time:7 hours

Main Difference:
Model 700E Illuminance(Lux): 160000Lux, LED bulb: 108 pcs
Model 500E Illuminance(Lux): 140000Lux, LED bulb: 72 pcs

Download Literature:
700E, 500E Mobile LED Operating Lamp

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