AD104 Audiometer
Channel: A 2 channel, digital machine
Test Frequency: Air Conduction 250-8000Hz, Bone Conduction 250-6000Hz, Error<±2%
Test Hearing Level: -10~120dB
Test Signal: pure tone, pulse tone, warble tone and narrow band noise
Microphone: Built-in microphone,easy to converse with patient(0-20 intensity adjustable)
Display: LCD display, two-line accurate Letter-figure
Distortion: Air Conduction<2.5%, Bone Conduction<5.5%
Masking : Both Air conduction and bone conduction can do masking
Output : TDH 39 Air conduction headset(L/R), B71 Bone conduction headset(L/R), Free Sound Field
SF: Optional
Patient signal: patient response hand switches
Power supply: 100-240V,50-60 Hz, 30VA
Size: 45*30*11CM
Packing Size: 48.5*23.5*38CM
Net Weight: 2.44KG
Gross Weight: 4.5KG
Standard accessory: TDH39 Air conduction headphone, B71 Bone conduction headphone, patient response hand switches
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