Anesthesia Face Mask
The face mask is designed to provide protection for rescuer when manually resuscitating patients,using with automatic ventilators and manual resuscitators.

1. They come with a transparent dome for visual check of bleeding, vomitus and spontaneous breathing, and a thumb rest for a tight, easy seal.
2. Due to be disposalbe thus it reduces the possibility of cross-contamination (for PVC face mask).
3. They eliminate the need for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising.
4. Available in 6 different sizes.
5. 100% latex free.
6. Silicone face mask can be autoclaved repeatedly at 134 degree

Item Number:
CP6301: Neonates (PVC)
CP6302: Infant (PVC)
CP6303: Pediatric (PVC)
CP6304: Adult-Small (PVC)
CP6305: Adult-Middle (PVC)
CP6306: Adult-Large (PVC)

CP6301N: Neonates (PVC, with check value)
CP6302N: Infant (PVC, with check value)
CP6303N: Pediatric (PVC, with check value)
CP6304N: Adult-Small (PVC, with check value)
CP6305N: Adult-Middle (PVC, with check value)
CP6306N: Adult-Large (PVC, with check value)

CP6101 Neonates (Silicone)
CP6102 Infant (Silicone)
CP6103 Pediatric (Silicone)
CP6104 Adult-Small (Silicone)
CP6105 Adult-Middle (Silicone)
CP6106 Adult-Large (Silicone)

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Anesthesia Mask (PVC)

Anesthesia Mask (PVC, with check value)

Anesthesia Mask (Silicone)

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