Chemray 240 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

- Random Access automated chemistry analyzer, compact size
- Constant throughput of 120 tests/hour
- Automatic 8 steps washing system, Low carryover
- Labor saving. Simple programming and walk-away operation
- 24 hours non-stop Reagent cooling compartment
- Reagent open system, close system on request
- Micro-volume for sample and reagent
- User-friendly software based on Windows XP, simplicity and flexibility of operation
- LIS interface support (optional)
- Multi-language software (optional)


System Function
Automatic,Randam Access
STAT sample priority
Barcode-Reading support (optional)
Throughput: 200 tests/hour, Constant throughput around 120 tests/hour
Contents of the testing: Clinical chemistry, Immunoturbidimetric
Analytical modes: End-point, Two-point, Kinetic, Single/Dual/reagent chemistries
Linear/non-linear multipoint calibration
Programming: Open system with user defined programs and calculation

Sample/Reagent Handling
Sample/Reagent tray: 40 positions for samples and 40 positions for reagents in refrigerated compartment
Refrigerated temperature: 4 ~ 15°C
Reagent volume:
R1: 180 ~ 450 μL, 1 μL adjustable
R2: 30 ~ 250 μL, 1 μL adjustable
Sample volume: 3 ~ 45 μL, 0.1 μL adjustable
Sample and Reagent probe: Collision protection,Liquid level detection and Inventory checking
Probe cleaning: Automatic washing both inside and outside, carry over <0.1%
Pre-heating for reagent

Reaction System:
Reaction positions: 81 cuvettes, 9 cuvettes/strip
Cuvette: Optical length 5mm
Reaction volume: 180 ~ 500ul
Reaction temperature: 37°C, fluctuation ±0.1°C
Independent mixing probe
Automatic washing system

Measuring and Optic System
Lamp: Halogen lamp
Absorbtion range: 0 ~ 3.500Abs±1%
Wavelengths: 8 wavelengths, including 340nm,405nm,450nm,510nm,546nm,578nm,630nm,670nm
Resolution: 0.0001ABS

Working Condition
Power supply: 220 V AC 50/60 Hz
Temperature: 20 ~ 30°C
Humidity: 35 ~ 80%
Water consumption: 2.5~10 L/hour,
Dimention: 800cm(L)*600cm(W)*650cm(H)
Gross weight: Bench top: 100KG

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Chemray 240 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

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