CWM-301C Anesthesia Machine

Main Features:
7 inch screen with no dead space.
Compact anesthesia ventilation system
Easy to operate,user friendly for inhalation anesthesia
Support adult and pediatric in the clinical application of anesthesia
Applied for closed,semi-closed inhalation anesthesia controlled and assisted ventilation

Main specification:

Applied with 1 high-precision vaporizers (Selectatec).
Real-time detection for loops, Paw, BPM, VT and compliance.
Integrated breathing circuit with APL valve, excellent tightness.
ACGO available to connect with T/Bain circuit for open operation.
Yoke system with up to 3 back up cylinders ( A type with 11L size).
Replacing drive bellow is Not required when operating Adult/pediatric anesthesia.
Ventilation parameters monitoring,preset parameters,alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring.
Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters, alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring.

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CWM-301C Anesthesia Machine

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