ECG-1112 Twelve Channels ECG Machine
- Design patent, software patent
- Application of CSE & AHA database, reliable measurement and analysis results
- 12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display
- 6" LCD screen with tilted 6° wider angle view to observe 12-lead ECG waveforms
- Protection circuit against defibrillator effect
- Auto LCD backlight to extend LCD life
- Medical silica gel operation button with ergonomic layout
- Pre-10-second printing to print out any abnormal ECG waveform
- Unique 6CH+P printing mode, convenient for physical examination and copy report on A4 paper size
- 3 kinds of operation mode: AUTO, MAN and ANA
- 4 kinds of filter: HUM, EMG, Low, pass, and ADS
- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for at least 2 hours continuous operation
- 2 types lead mode: Standard and Cabrera
- 1008 ECGs internal memory with SD card
- Communication with PC for ECG data management via RS232 or USB(Option)

Standard Configuration
- Main unit
- Patient cable
- Chest electrode
- Limb electrode
- Thermal paper
- Paper roller
- Rechargeable battery
- Dust cover
- Screwdriver

- PCECG-500A Workstation software package
- Aluminum trolley
- USB function board
- Carry bag

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