Lead Glass

Scope of application:
X-ray room, CT room, ICU department, CR/DR room, mammography room, orthopedic X-ray room, oral clinic, dental clinic, animal pet hospital, and scientific research unit, laboratory, radiation shielding Observation window and other fields.

Color: Light Yellow


FD01 1500*1000*20mm FD12 1500*1000*15mm
FD02 1500*900*20mm FD13 1500*900*15mm
FD03 1200*900*20mm FD14 1200*900*15mm
FD04 1200*800*20mm FD15 1200*800*15mm
FD05 1200*600*20mm FD16 1200*600*15mm
FD06 1000*800*20mm FD17 1000*800*15mm
FD07 900*600*20mm FD18 900*600*15mm
FD08 800*600*20mm FD19 800*600*15mm
FD09 700*500*20mm FD20 700*600*15mm
FD10 600*400*20mm FD21 600*400*15mm
FD11 600*400*12mm FD22 800*600*12mm

We also can make the sizes according to your requirement .

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