FDC6000 Basic Color Doppler

Core Technologies :

Leading ultrasound platform and architecture
The new generation of front-end ultrasound chip and FPGA is adopted, embedded with PC platform which provides powerful computing capability, as well as high integration, low power consumption, expansion ability, and excellent image quality.

Pulse inversion harmonic imaging technology
Superior to traditional tissue harmonic imaging technology, PIHI is applied to suppress side lobes and improve contrast resolution of the tissue with counteracted fundamental and enhanced harmonic.

Multi-focus technology
Signal Transmission and reception from multi-focus will make high contrast resolution of the image in both near fifield and far fifield.

Speckled noise suppression technology
Removal of speckle noise signifificantly clears and smoothes the 2D image.

Color mode and pulse wave mode doppler
Multi-beam parallel processing technology improves the frame rate of the image and blood sensitivity in all B+D, B+C, B+C+D modes, realizes the utility triplex mode.

Technical Specification :
- 12” medical high resolution screen.
- ACUI imaging technology.
- Parameters preset. THI
- Needle puncture guidance function available.
- Multiple modes:B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M, B+D, B+C, B+C+D.
- Patient management: new patient, patient inquiry, patient info revision, report printing.
- Could be connected to the PACS of the hospitals by LAN.
- DICOM 3.0 is available.
- Standard pack: main unit X1, 3.5mzh convex probe x1.
- Optional probes: 5.0 MHz micro-convex probe, 6.5 MHz transvaginal probe, 7.5 MHz high frequency linear probe

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FDC6000 Basic Color Doppler

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