FY-30DC UV Sterilization Trolley

1. UV sterilization trolley lamp: UV wavelength is 253.7 nm
2. Power supply voltage 220V50HZ, power is 2 * 30W
3. Irradiation intensity: >128uw / cm² (single tube); >256uw / cm² (two tubes)
4. The light arm can be adjusted, the adjustment angle is 0-180 degrees
5. It adopts double lamp structure. The double lamp can also be used alone, and it can be put down
when not in use.
6. Close the protective door to prevent the lamp from being damaged and keep the lamp clean.
7. The timer can control the disinfection time within 0-120 minutes. After the timer is finished, the timer
will automatically disconnect and the lamp will go out.

Download Literature:
FY-30DC UV Sterilization Trolley

View its video YourTube: https://youtu.be/Hu7RJwJ4Crg

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