IMS-972 Electrolyte Analyzer

Main Features:
Simple YES/NO prompted operation
High accurate and long life electrode and TCO2 sensor
Sleep mode to reduce reagent consumption
Rapid test speed of 80 tests per hour
Minimum sample volume is 60ul
Individual reagent to avoid waste
Option: Sample tray

Sample: serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid and dilute urine
Measuring speed: <25s
Analysis Method: ion selective electrode (ISE)
Sample volume: 60-300ul (3 parameters to 11 parameters)
Sample position: 35 positions (including 1 QC)
Storage: up to 10,000 test results
Printer: Internal thermal printer
Interface: RS232 port

Parameter configuration:
IMS-972A       K, Na, Cl
IMS-972B       K, Na, Cl, TCO2
IMS-972C       K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, pH
IMS-972D       K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, pH, TCO2, AG
IMS-972F        K, Na, Cl, Li
IMS-972H       K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, pH, Li
IMS-972I         K, Na, Cl ,iCa, nCa, TCa, pH, Li, TCO2, AG
IMS-972J        K, Na, Cl, Mg
IMS-972K       K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, pH, Mg, TCO2, AG
IMS-972M       K ,Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, pH, Li, Mg, TCO2, Ag

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IMS-972 Electrolyte Analyzer
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