JYF-10D Dental X-ray Machine

1.Using the international advanced technology,efficient integrated design,high efficiency,low radiation
2.Digital touch button,simple operation,just press one button can quickly and accurately determines the parameter,is the ideal assistant for dentist
3.Using microcomputer intelligent control,not only remote controlled exposure,but more powerful function of low voltage alarm and high voltage protection
4.Micro focus technology,much more clear image and accurate diagnosis
5.The base has two modes of mobile and fixed,pneumatic lift seat ensures more convenient for dentist and more comfortable for patient
6.Can use lightroom dental film,imaging in one minute,maximum convenient dentist to diagnose
7.Can connect to dental digital imaging system,that is indispensable for clinicians to diagnose and root canal filling

Power supply:AC220V±10%,50HZ,1KVA
Tube voltage:60Kvp
Tube current:8mA
Focus size:0.8mm
Total filtration:2.5mmAL
Exposure time:0.2-4s
Leak radiation:outside one meter≤0.002mGy/h(national standard:0.25mGy/h)

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