KU-11B Urine Analyzer


Test items : GLU, BIL, SG, pH, KET, BLD, PRO, URO, NIT, LEU, VC
Stray light : < 1%
Linearity : >0.995
Repeatability : CV<1%
Stability : Within 8 hours working, CV<1%
Test throughput : 120 tests/hour or 60 tests/hour, 500tests/hour (KU-11C)
Language : Chinese or English
Display : Large LCD display, Resolution 240×128
Printer : Built-in thermal recorder, paper width 57mm
Interface : Standard RS-232
Storage: 2000 results
Operating environment : The instrument should be installed on a stable and solid platform, Avoid direct sunlight and away from strong electric and magnetic field interference.
Temperature : 10℃-30°C
Humidity : < 80%
Atmospheric pressure : 76-106kPa
Power supply : 100-120VAC/200-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 40VA
Dimension : 360mm×310mm×130mm


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