LC-04B Low Speed Centrifuge (old model 80-2B)

- Strong Plastic case with metal lid
- With safety switch
- Scope of supply includes the rotor
- High speed for short centrifugation timers
- Small footprint
- Stepless speed adjustment
- Pointer show speed
- Suit for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma

Model LC-04B
MAX RPM 4000 RPM, stepless speed adjustment , Pointer show speed
Max RCF 2325xg
Timer 0-30min
Rotor capacity 20mlx12 (standard)
Voltage 110V 60Hz /220V50Hz
Dimension(mm) 280x310x265mm
Weight 9kg

Description Ordering number Rotor capacity Max RCF
LC-04B A 042012 (standard) 20mlx12 2325xg
Centrifuge LC-04B with A 042006 20mlx6 1790xg
Centrifuge LC-04B with A042008 20mlx8 2325xg
Centrifuge LC-04B with A041518 15mlx18 2325xg
Centrifuge LC-04B with A041012 10mlx12 2325xg

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