LC-04C Plus Low Speed Centrifuge

- Strong plastic case,small,light,Streamline molding,nice
- High strength brushless motor to drive
- Big LCD screen to display speed ,time
- Togglekey which speed and RCF can be exchanged,to view RCF any time
- Widevoltage,Speed is not affected by voltage fluctuationshigh-accuracy
- Over speed alarm;alarming after working
- With mechanical door lock ,The door lid is closed, locked and protected, the cover open and will stop
- Error code display,increase and reduce speed in 9 gears
- Used for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma in hospitals and biochemical laboratories
- Suitable for RPR tube

Model LC-04C Plus
Max. Speed 4000 RPM, stepless control ,display speed and time
Max RCF 2325xgdisplay RCF on the screen ,speed and RCF can be exchanged
Time 0-99min
capacity 20mlx12 (standard)
Power supply 110-240V/50-60Hz
Dimension (mm) 320x340x280mm
Weight 9kg

Description Ordering number Rotor capacity Max RCF
LC-04C Plus A 042012 (standard) 20mlx12 2325xg
LC-04C Plus A 042006 20mlx6 1790xg
LC-04C Plus A042008 20mlx8 2325xg
LC-04C Plus A041518 15mlx18 2325xg
LC-04C Plus A041012 10mlx12 2325xg
LC-04C Plus A040512 5ml eppendorf tube x12 1790xg

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