LC-04F Refrigerated Centrifuge

- Vertical -type
- DC Brushless frequency motor,
- French TECUMSEH refrigeration compressor
- LED display speed, RCF and timer
- Enabling automatic malfunction alarm
- Touch panel control,
- With safety switch and electromagnetic door locks
- Error code display, speed up and down adjustment,
- Suitable for researches on genes and proteinnucleic acid

Model LC-04F
MAX RPM 4000 RPM, stepless speed adjustment , LED display speed ,RCF and timer
Max RCF 2755xg
Timer 0-99min
Rotor capacity Swing Rotor 100mlx4 ,50mlx8, 15mlx16,10mlx24
Temperature range -5~30°C
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Temperature precision ±2 °C
Dimension(mm) 500x560x700mm
Weight 85kg

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