LD-14 Film Processor

A)Operation conditions:
1.Voltage:220V±10%,(110V,60HZ) 50/60Hz, 8.8A single-phase
2.Ambient temperature :5~25 °C
3.Ambient humidity: < 60%
4.Power of the whole machine: < 2kw

B)Technical specifications:
Type desktop /Console model
1.Film format: Min.10*10cm ( 4" x 4") ; Max. 35*43cm (14"x17")
2.Developing Capacity: 80 films/h (14"x17"); 145 films/h (10"x12")
3. Process time: 105/135/165sec
4. Develop time: 25/35/45sec
5.Film feed mode:U-slot
6.Film sensing mode:micro switch
7. Develop temperature: selectable 28 -37℃(±0.3 °C )
8.Dryer temperature: 40-65 °C
9. Channel volume D/F/W: 5.2 Litre
10. Washing Control: Water 2~8L/min during processing
11. Replenishment: Auto. /manual 20~200ml/for 0.5S. Q. M
12.Water developing control mode: solenoid vavle control
13.Anti-oxidation:60 min intervals
14.Anti-crystallization: 20 min intervals

C) the details of the packing:
1.size of wooden case (L*W*H/mm):1110*750*720; G.W:100KG

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LD-14 Film Processor

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