Small Oxygen Plant

1. Especally designed for clinics and small hospitals up to100 beds.
2. Small size and occupy small area
3. Easy installation.
4. The design is made for 24/7 operation.It is a strong system.
5. Convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.
6. Equipped with automatic start&stop function.Safer and more reliable design.Humanization design. More longer equipment life.
7. Total oil free system, safer and healthier.
8. Easy operation.
9. Economic system to meet small hospitals low investment requirement

How to calculate what kinds of system a hospital needs?
All solutions depending on we know about the hospital requirement very well.
For example, how many patient beds? if there is ventilator or anesthesia machine?
After we learn about these information, we can provide a solution with below formula.
- An ordinary hospital bed requires 3L of oxygen with pressure within 1 bar/0.1Mpa, and 60% utilization.
- If it is an ICU bed, each bed needs 5L with pressure within 1 bar/0.1Mpa, 100% utilization
- One anesthesia machine with 20L oxygen under pressure 4bar /0.4Mpa;
- One ventilator with 10L oxygen under pressure 4bar /0.4Mpa.
- For cylinder filling. we count it as 24 hrs working continuously and the cylinder tank 40L(150bar).
For example, an JAY-60 can fufill 12 cyliners in 24 hrs.
We count it as 40L *150 bar / 60L =100min. It takes approximately 2 hrs to fufill 1 tank.

Below are some of our solutions, we can customize solution according to your actual requirement

Type 1
For general patient ward only, including 20 patient beds

Type 2
For ICU and operating room, including ventilator 2pcs

Type 3
For general patient ward, ICU, Operating room, including patient beds 5pcs, and ventilator 1pc

Type 4
For general patient ward, ICU, Operating room, including patient beds 50pcs, ventilator 2pcs, and anesthesia machine 2pcs

Type 5
For oxygen cylinder filling station, including oxygen cylinders 12 pcs

Type 6
For general patient ward and oxygen cylinder filling station, including patient beds 40 pcs and oxygen cylinders 8 pcs

Type 7
For general patient ward, ICU, operating room and oxygen cylinder station, including patient bed 40 pcs, ventilator 2 pcs, anesthesia machine 2 pcs and oxygen cylinders 20 pcs

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Small Oxygen Plant
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