PH Meter

Main Features
--Replaceable and large capacity electrode cost down, life span long
--New design, test fast and accurately
--Waterproof to IP67 standard So light, it floats
--Touchable switch, automatically shutdown
--1 year assurance period for pen only

--Most laboratory, ecological studies and other
--Water & Wasterwater treament Electroplating rinse tanks . Drinking water
--Hydroponics. Aquaculture. Aquariums & fish farms. Swimming pools

Models and Specifications

Measuring Parameter pH pH/ ° C
pH Range 0.0-14.0 0.00-14.00
pH Resolution 0.1 0.01
pH Accuracy 0.1 0.05
Calibration Point 2 points Manual 1-3 points Auto
Electrode Selection RPB10-01 RPB20-01
pH Solution pH4.01, pH7.00, pH10.01 pH4.01, pH7.00, pH10.01
Temp. Range -- 0.0-99.9 ° C
Temp. Resolution -- 0.1 °C
Temp. Accuracy -- 0.5 °C
Temp. Compensation -- Yes
Non-Volatile Memory -- Yes
Auto-Off 6 Mins after last key pressed 6 Mins after last key pressed
Operating Temp. 0-50 ° C 0-50 ° C
Display Single- Display Dual-Display
Battery 4 x1.5 V Alkaline Batteries 4 x1.5 VAlkaline Batteries
Dimensions 170*37*37mm/90g 170*37*37mm/90g

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RPB10,RPB20 Pen Type

PHS-AM Tabletop Type

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