PL-3018V Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Ovine, Bovine, Equine, Swine, Alpaca, Feline, Canine, Rabbit, Fish, Snake and etc.

Brief introduction:
This equipment is high resolution linear/convex ultrasound scanning diagnostic equipment. It adopts micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), real time dynamic receiving apodization, real time Dynamic receiving focusing (DRF), Digital frequency Scan (DFS), frame correlation technologies to endue its image with clarity, stability and high resolution.

Detect Depth(mm): ≥140
Blind zone(mm): ≤3
Monitor size: 5 inch
Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
Image gray scale: 256
Image storage: 128
Cine loop: ≥400 frame
Scan depth: 120mm-220mm
Image flip: up/down, left/right
Focus position: Adjustable
Posture mark: 15
Image process: Histogram, color encode, gama, image smooth
Probe frequency: Adjustable ( 3 point each probe )
Frame correction: Adjustable
Measurement: distance, circumference, heart rate, EDD, area, volume, GA and etc.
Notation: date, time, name, sex, age, full screen words edit and etc.
Output report: regular
Output: USB2.0, VIDEO( PALD, NTSC)
Charging method: adapter, battery
Adapter rating: 100-24 0V ~ , 50-60Hz, 70VA
Battery: 2600mAh, continuous work: ≥3 hours 
Machine size: 230mm(L)x120mm(W)x38mm(H)
Net weight: 700g

Standard Configuration:
◦ Scanner Body: 1pc
◦ Li-ion Battery: 1pc
◦ 3.5MHz Convex Probe: 1pc
◦ Charger with a Set of Wires: 1set
◦ Wrap Bag: 1pc
◦ CD: 1pc
◦ Bottle of USG gel: 1pc
◦ Transportation Case: 1pc
◦ User Manual: 1pc

◦ 5.0MHz Micro-convex Probe
◦ 6.5MHz Rectal Probe
◦ 6.5Mhz Rectal Probe with Rod
◦ 7.5MHz Linear Probe
◦ Video Printer
◦ Li-ion Battery
◦ Rod of Rectal Probe
◦ Car Charger
◦ Charging Adaptation Wire(containing power cord) 

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