PLD7300D Stationary DR
Product Usage
PLD7300D is a high frequency flat-panel digital X-ray radiography system, suitable for radiology department, orthopedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU and other departments. Easy operation, high efficiency, to meet the radiography for all of human body's parts, such as head, limbs, chest, spine, lumbar vertebrae, abdomen, etc.

Product Advantages
1. Monoblock
- TOSHIBA X-Ray tube make sure the stability quality.
- 440kHz inverter frequency, good x-ray quality, low dose, world top-level technology.
- Thermal capacity 900KJ, long time continuous exposing.
- With digital closed loop control technology and fault alarm function

2. Flat Panel Detector
- Whole-plate non-spliced, cesium iodide + amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors derive from the world's leading technology, which greatly improves performance.

3. Networked device: high quality image and output information system
- The networking functions of PLD7700B include: Dicom storage, Dicom film printing, Dicom film transfer.
- It has standard DICOM 3.0 interface, supporting film printing, output, storage, barrier-free docking hospital PACS system

4. High Quality Clinical Images

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PLD7300D Stationary DR
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