PLX112B1 C-Arm
PLX112B1 can be used in Orthopedics: restore bone translocation, reset, fixing Surgery: remove foreign matters, implantable pacemakers.

1, Unique motor-driven supporting arm.
2, Unique hand-held controller design.
3, High-quality high frequency high voltage x-ray generator.
4, Stable and reliable imported image intensifier.
5, High-resolution television system.

Category Item Contents
Fluoroscopic Capacity Max rated Capacity 5.0KW
Fluoroscopic Type Automatic,Manual,Pulse
Tube Voltage 40KV~120kv
X-ray Tube Thermal Capacity 650KJ
Inverter Frequency 40KHZ
Structure Directional Wheel ±90° Rotation
Ascending & Descending Range of Pillar > 400mm

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PLX112B1 High Frequency Mobile C-arm System
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