PLX5100C Mobile DR for COVID-19

Lungs X-ray checking is 1st step of COVID-19 before PCR testing.
1- Screen out suspected cases avoid new & cross infections with similar symptom.
2- Mobile Digital X-ray can work in isolated wards, ICU, Emergency room, more flexible than CT, and faster than PCR testing.
3- More significant measurement especially the places with few confirmed cases.

Pioway PLX5100C 100mA can easily install and reduce the overloading
CT reception which has became the most popular machines besides their Ventilators in COVID-19.
It was also proved effective performance in China for defense COVID-19.

1, Light and handy design concept, easy to move, easy to operate.
2, Arm balance itself, simple operation, locate easily and accurately.
3, Two exposure control methods, give consideration to both security and efficiency.
4, Perfect x-ray quality ensures the exquisite images, meanwhile, take care of the health of patient and doctor.




Power Output




Tube Voltage


Power Supply

110/220V 50/60HZ

Operation Method

Wire/Wireless Control

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PLX5100C Mobile DR for COVID-19

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