PLX5200 Mobile DR
Product Usage
PLX5200 is high frequency combined digital X-ray radiography medical diagnostic equipment, it is used in radiography department, orthopedics, wards, emergency room, operation room, ICU, etc. It can satisfy the requirement of parts of body such as head, limbs, chest, spine, stomach, ect.

Basic configuration:
1. High quality combined high frequency high voltage generator
2. Color graphical touch LCD control system
3. Panel detector with free movement
4. High quality IPC
5. Large size medical LCD display
6. New type mobile column rack
7. Symmetric adjustable, wireless ranging rotatable collimator with lamp
8. Electric assistance drive system
9. Cable exposure hand brake
10. Wireless remote control exposure device

X-ray generator:
1. 25KW compact x-ray generator;
2. High frequency of 60Khz;
3. With high technology to reduce the radiation;

Unique Power supply way:
1. Supers capacitor to supply power in photography and durable life;
2. Li-Battery to supply power in mechanical movement;

Mechanical movement:
1. The horizon arm can be contracted freely;
2. The pillar has the electronic up and down movement; and be rotated 360 degree;
3. X-ray tube is rotary and moves left and right with 90 degree;
4. Collimator can be rotated left and right with 90 degree;
5. Comprehensive integration control drive
6. Collimator Rotation Range: ±90 degrees
7. Tube Tilt: -10 to +90 degrees
8. Tube Rotation: ±180 degrees

LCD touch screen operation panel to control the machine conveniently;

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PLX5200 Mobile DR
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