Lead Protective Clothes

Product information

Radiation Protection lead vest is used for the protection of the X-ray in the hospital,CT  Scan room.

We adopt high-quality material to produce international new protective lead rubber. Lead equivalent is 0.35mmPb and 0.5mmPb. 0.25mmPb ones should be customized.
Size: S M L XL

Function: X-ray radiation protection
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and keep away form heat.You'd better to put the aprons in ventilated indoors with temperature around 0°c to 40°c. These aprons are strictly prohibited in contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals

lead equivalent:0.25mmpb,0.35mmpb,0.5mmpb,0.75mmpb

Attention: When stopping working,you should put the aprons flat and not fold it in order not to broke it.

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