PW-180 Digital Portable Ultrasound Scanner (128 Element)
Main Features:

10 inch higher resulution with APPLE Color Screen
Eight Pseudo Color
64 images strorage, Support U Disk strorage
Slipped screen with more visible area
With rechargeable battery

Technical Specification :

Scanning Mode: Convex/Linear/Micro-convex
Probe Connector: 2
Cine Loop: 500 frames
Image Storage: 64 frames, support U disk storage
Display Depth: 250mm
Scanning Angle: visible and adjustable
Display Mode: B, B+B, B+M, B+2M, M, 4B
TGC: total gain, 8-Segment TGC
Focus Control: adjustable focus number, focal space, focal position
Image Process: pseudo-color, dynamic range, THI, image smoothing/sharpening, gama correction, histogram
Real-time Depth: 16 levels adjustable
a)Normal Measurement: Distance, circumference, area and volume
b)Cardiac Measurement: LV/VF, AV,MV,PV,TV,HR
c) OB Measurement: BPD, FL, AC HC, CRL , AD, GS, G.A, LMP, EDD, FW
Report: 4 types
Body Mark: 40 types
Annotation: Date, time, name, patient ID, sex, age, doctor, hospital, full screen annotation edit
Port: PAL-D Video, RS-232, USB 2.0

Standard Configuration:
3.5MHz Convex Probe

Optional Configuration:
7.5MHz Linear Probe
5.0MHz Micro-convex Probe
6.5MHz Transnvaginal Probe
7.5MHz Endorectal Probe
Application Software
High Speed USB Cable
Video Printer
Trolley Cart
Biopsy Bracket

Download Literature:
PW-180 Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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