The resuscitator is intended for pulmonary resuscitation for neonates through to adult

1. It is semi-transparent and come with a pressure limitation valve for patient safty
2. A textured surface ensuring a firm grip and providing effective ventilation. Patient connector is 22/15mm.
3. It conforms to the standard: ISO10651-4:2002, and it also confoms to Council Directive MDD/93/42/ECC concerning Medical Devices.
4. For single patient use only.
5. 100% latex free.
6. Silicone resuscitator (except mask, oxygen tubing and reservior bag) can be auoclaved repeatedly at 134 degree.

mask(1),Oxygen tubing(1), reservior bag(1)

Item Number:
CP6311: for Adults (PVC)
CP6321: for Children (PVC)
CP6331: for Infants (PVC)

CP6211: for Adults (SEBS)
CP6221: for Children(SEBS)
CP6231: for Infantss(SEBS)

CP6111: for Adults(Silicone)
CP6121: for Children(Silicone)
CP6131: for Infants(Silicone)

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PVC Manual Resuscitator

SEBS Manual Resuscitator

Silicone Manual Resuscitator

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