SD1 Automatic Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Equipped with the latest technology, we have invented a state-of-the-art automatic biochemical analyzer SD1. This portable analyzer can provide faster, easier, more accurate medical diagnosis with less maintenance and micro sample volume.

Utilizing cloud computing, SD1 can help the operators to make medical decisions remotely. Built-in centrifuge, QR code , real-time quality control. The test results will be automatically printed after 12 minutes.

The analyzer help operators automatically monitor conditions inside the machine.

1 Inject 100ul sample
No pre-treatment for sample.
Only 100ul whole blood/serum/plasma required for one panel.

2 Insert reagent disc
No maintenance, no need for centrifugation and adding diluent.
No liquid system and other consumables such as pumps and valves.

3 Read results after 12 minutes
Microfluidic technology, no cross contamination.
Result reports will be printed automatically.


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SD1 Automatic Dry Chemistry Analyzer

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