SF300BZ X-ray Machine (300mA)
General Description
Model SF300BZ 300mA medical photography x-ray unit
can be used for head, chest, belly, arms and legs, bone in lying position, stand position, side position of photograph.

Model SF300BZ 300mA medical photography X-ray unit
can use for ordinary photograph and grid photography.

1.Single bed with single bulb
2.High visual and operational console with tube voltage ,tube current, and photographic time display on the LCD monitor
3.Prestore 8 kinds of photograph parameters and select, modify,store the parameters under condition of choice
4.Auto power and voltage control,kv continuously adjustable ,auto Fault Alarm
5.Premier high voltage with high power SCR zero control circuit
6.photograph bed, column, Vibration Filter limiter integrated equipment without necessity of up-and-down tunnel
7.Photography bed can be moved both laterally and vertically, column can turn 4*90
8.Function of load chains, exposure time control ,Start and stop rotating anode, Preheat filament, sub-assembles temperature control.

Main Technical Conditions
1.Power supply single phase 220V/380V±10% Frequency:50Hz±1HzRating>30kVA Internal resistance
:220V:0.25Ω 380V:0.75Ω
2. Photography Voltage: 50-100kV *50-120 kV Current: 50mA, 100mA for small focus; 50mA,100mA,200mA,300mA for big focus.Time:0.04~6.3s

X-ray tube


Small focus:1×1mm,

Big focus:2×2mm

Radiographic table

Table face(L×W×H)


Moving range of table face



Travel in length:500mm

Grid density N28

Convergence distance of 1000mm

Grid ratio R8

Pillar of X-ray tube unit

Moving in length along radiographic table


Distance to ground as moving up and down (along upright post)


Rotary around the center of cross arm


Rotary around the shaft line of X-ray annular tubes


Max size of cassette for radiography


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