SG1 Handheld Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer

Main Features:
- Results in 4 minutes
- One test card for 10 parameters
- Small sample size of 100 uL

Easy operation
Testing can be performed in 3 simple steps at the patient's side with only 2 or 3 drops of whole blood.
Handheld portability
Lightweight with build-in battery allowing diagnose at the point of care, patient side, out in the field or exam room.
Fast results
Get accurate results in 4 minutes at the patient's side to enable rapid decision-making, and optimize patient-care.
Multi-parameter card
Single-use test card offer a broad menu of tests on a single, portable platform. Each testcard has a unique combination of biosensors to suit a wide range of clinical needs.


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SG1 Handheld Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer
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