Sharp Container

1) Sharp container is Made by PP material, No PVC included, it can reduce the contamination of environment when disposal injury wastes by high temperature.
2) sharp container is Made by hard material, sealed and anti-piercing, safe, convenient, leakage proof, easy for disposal by high temperature. Once sealed, open by mistake is impossible without damage on it.
3) shar container is Convenient for safe disposal of disposable venous blood collection needle, also can be used for collecting syringes, infusion ses, blades and structure needles etc.
4) Sharp container 's Color to be yellow (red can be customized), waring marks show on the side of the container.
5) Size:
Square Shape: 3L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 25L
Round Shape: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 15L, 18L
Other size please negotiate with us

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Square with handle



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