VD-320 Vascular Doppler


1. Usage
VD-320 vascular doppler is used to detect arterial and venous blood flow velocity to assess peripheral vascular disease, feasible in andrology, urology, surgery surgical, microsurgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery,burns surgery and plastic surgery departments.

2. Features
- Sensitive special purpose probe
- Display real-time waveform, data and working parameters
- Both of AC and DC battery
- Auto power off
- Freeze display content on LCD
- USB to transmit the data to computer
- Output with loudspeaker and earphone

3. Option
- 5MHz waterproof vascular probe
- Instrument bag
- PC software
- Printer

4. VD-300 Series Difference Table

Functions VD-310 VD-320
Display B/W Colour
Backlight Yes Yes
Build-in speaker Yes Yes
Auto power off Yes Yes
Ni-Mh battery Yes Yes
Battery indicator Yes Yes
Probe detect Yes Yes
Charge in device Yes Yes


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VD-320 Vascular Doppler



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