VL3R Reusable Video Laryngoscope

- Vacuum packed Disposable Blades.
- Screen is reinforced with anti-shatter Protection.
- No Cross Infection with Disposable Blades.
- Anti-Fog Lens, Anti-Microbial Handle.
- The Disposable blades are designed with special materials to prevent breakage, the connection part between blades and console can bear pressure more than 300kg.
- 316 Medical stainless steel reusable blades have the advantages of high flexure strength, no break risk; By passing through waterproof grade IPX8 testing, it can use deep water immersion disinfection.
- Lightweight, Portable.
- More Faster Installation and Intubation.
- More Faster Removal of Blades or Drop blades.
- The 3.5 inch anti-reflective display with full view has the high performance visualization capabilities for every intubation.
- Better View 2.0 Mega Pixel Cameras.
- Rechargeable li-lion battery.
- One Shot Button for Recording.
Cost Effective
- Low cost disposable blades.
- 1000 times use 316 Medical stainless reusable blades.


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VL3R Reusable Video Laryngoscope

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