YD01A Examinaton Lamp Mobile

YD01A examination lamp is extensively applied in industry, medical treatment, jewelry, photograph. scientific research etc., It is currently more advanced lighting equipments at home and abroad.

Technical Data:
Illuminance :20W:20,000Lux 0.5m/5,000Lux 1m
35W:25,000Lux 0.5m/10,000Lux 1m
50W:30,000Lux 0.5m/20,000Lux 1m
Colr temperature :4000±200K
Size of light field :100mm
Adjust : adjust light
Power supply voltage :220V/50Hz
Rated power of bulb :12V/20W,12V/35W,12V/50W
crutch:adjust up/down
bulb: halogen bulb
Download Literature:
YD01A Examinaton Lamp

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