YZ-LX Bucky Stand

YZ-LX Vertical Bucky Sand, which Bucky grid oced up and down, is a photograph device, It can be used as a photograph auxoliary device in YZ-seies Medical X-Ray machine of our company or others. It can photograph including Bresst, Belly, Joint, the foor limbs so on

Structure close, area small on the ground, install convenience
Moved up and down portable, manual lock freely
The short distance from table to film can guarantee photograph high uality and little distortion
Support frame noiseless, cassette may direct into ,operate convenience
Fixed Bucky no power(or electromotor oscillating grid)

1. Vertical movements: 500mm~1600mm
2. Size of film: 8"x10" ~14"x17"

Fixed Bucky X-Ray grid specifications:
1. Size: 15"*18"
2. Densilty: 40L/cm
3. Grid proportion: 8:1
4. Converging focus distance: 1800mm

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