CIA1200 Chemiluminescence Analyzer

CIA1200 full-automatic chemiluminescence analyzer, a continuously-operated immunoassay instrument, can work with auxiliary reagents to form chemiluminescence immunoassay system. This system, applying the analysis principle that combines chemiluminescence and immunoassay technology, can carry out qualitative or quantitative detections of multiple analytes in human blood serum, plasma or other body fluids.

CIA1200 product advantages and characteristics

Advanced Testing principle
CLIA applies currently two main international cutting-edge immunoassay technologies (i.e. Magnetic particle carrier technology andchemiluminescence detection technology), which broadens the range of linear detection, improves the test sensitivity and speed, and enables the system toadequately meet clinical requirements.

HighThroughput and Short Test Time
120 t/ h ensured, and first result can be detected within 15 minutes.

High-qualityTeflon-coated Sampling needle Probe
Sampling needles go through waterfall-like cleanse to avoid cross-contamination and has possess liquid level detection function.

Precise Temperature-controlled Incubation Tray

Reagents&sample bar code identified and located scanning available. automatic retest available, support real-timemonitoring and expiration reminder of reagent stock.
Highly-efficient& intelligent mechanicalmodule, provide the cleansing solution&jluminescent substrate to the reactionsystem automatically; liquid-level detection and alarm functions. 4-hourunattended operation available.

Streamlinedsoftware operating system
User-friendlyoperation interface, convenient andconcise. Intelligent calibration and quality control , capable of networking with LIS system, data editing, storage, query,and print function.

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CIA1200 Chemiluminescence Analyzer
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