100mA M32 Digital X-ray Machine

This Mobile X-Ray is a multi-functional portable X-ray machine with small size, light weight and smart function. It includes 5.6 kw X-ray power unit.It can fulfill various outreach and field portable mobile X-ray application scenarios.

- 5kW Monobloc (125kV/320mAs)
- AC line powered
- Free Stop Tube Arm
- 360° Lateral Moving Arm
- 360° Rotational Wheels

Mobile unit
-Tube Arm Rotation: 360°
- Tube Rotation: -85~265°
- SID to Floor: 2000mm Max
- Size: 795mm×550mm×1450mm
- Net Weight: 70kg

- Output Power: 5.6kW
- KV range: 4~125KV
- mA range: 5~100mA
- mAs range: 0.1~ 320mAs
- Tube: Rotating Anode Tube 0.6mm/1.8mm,40kJ
- lnput Power: AC100~264V, 80kHz~200kHz

Overhead LCD Screen Console
- Selectable 87 APR(29 location x 3 position);Three body types
- Focus selection
- KV, Ma,MAS and MS parameter selection
- MA/MS and MAS mode selection
- Exposure status indication.Error code display


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M32 Digital X-ray Machine
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